Turkey brand new generation of electrical materials sector ERAPLAST A.S., was founded in 2012 in Istanbul. It is taking firm steps towards becoming a pioneering organization with its wide range of products and sector experience that it has brought to life with technological equipment suitable for the needs of the age.

ERAPLAST A.Ş. has expert and competent employees in its modern and high-capacity production facilities consisting of 5000m2 closed area. ERAPLAST serves the sector by developing new generation products with its UR-GE team.

ERAPLAST A.S. with a wide customer and dealer sales system in the domestic market and exports to more than 30 countries in three continents, mainly Egypt, Russia, Serbia, Algeria, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The electrical materials sector in Turkey and the world is trying to become a leading brand.

Based on customer satisfaction and developing market-specific applications by closely following technological developments, ERAPLAST is among the major players of the sector in the national and global market with its goal of constantly improving and environmental awareness.

ERAPLAST has combined its experience and service understanding and its technological equipment suitable for the needs of the age with its competent human resources. The basic principles of the philosophy supported by new generation sectoral approaches:

  • To improve its position among global brands with its constantly developing technology and products,
  • To create effective sales and marketing strategies with the goal of sustainable profitable growth,
  • To consistently increase the value it creates for its stakeholders and business partners,
  • Maintaining brand loyalty with strategic marketing communication,
  • To spread corporate governance values and business philosophy in all markets where it operates,
  • To focus on the continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of human resources,
  • To develop high standards with service awareness that creates value for society and the environment.