Our principles

Within the framework of Eraplast’s values; Ensuring the effective use of our resources, acting ethically, being customer focused, and observing innovation in our every effort are the principles that guide us in our work.

In this direction, it is aimed to ensure communication and social integration between our employees and to continuously support the sense of belonging to the company.

We expect all new graduates and professionals to join our team to share common values ​​with us. For this, we carefully evaluate every application and include the right people in our team.

Our Human Resources Mission

To maintain the success of our company with the contribution of effective and success-oriented employees in constantly developing business environments by developing systems that are compatible with moral principles and competition.

Our Human Resources Vision

Supporting sustainable manpower, which is shown as an example in the development of the sector.

If you want to take part in the Eraplast team, please send your resume and the department you want to be involved in to ik@eraplast.com.tr.

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Privacy Statement
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